the grove coffee house rocks

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains content that no longer represents me.

I have a really convoluted and confusing story. My friends that know it (including my wife) still don’t believe it sometimes, but it’s true.

I was once an evangelical Christian, a Southern Baptist, an adult Sunday School teacher, and a door-to-door evangelist. I not only voted Republican and/or Libertarian in multiple elections, I volunteered during Bob Dole’s 1996 election campaign.

Reading what I just typed, it’s honestly hard to believe it myself.

One day I plan to tell this story in written form, but that day is not today. Rather than erase that past completely, I’ve preserved it in a limited form as a part of this site’s permanent historical archive. It’s important to demonstrate that we can all grow.

Welcome to the dim corner of the library, where fools rush in and angels fear to tread!

This blog post is ancient. If it is technical, the information is likely inaccurate, or at least out of date. If it is non-technical, it’s entirely possible that the relevant facts and my own opinions have changed significantly since it was written.

It is only preserved as part of this site’s permanent historical archive.

It’s Friday night, and what am I doing but coding. My wife’s night out is spent at the scrapbook store working on her latest layouts - mine is at my new favorite coffee shop, working on open source. I discovered this place on a date with Wendy a couple of months ago. The nice thing about it is the distinctly Christian atmosphere. A good friend of mine and I meet here on Friday mornings for accountability. Well, since they hand out free wireless internet, I thought I’d drop by for my night out as well. Good coding atmosphere - I have a nice corner with a plugin for my laptop, so I’m good to go. Check this place out if you’re in DeSoto County, MS or the Memphis metro area anytime soon -