the spring experience 2007 videos on the way

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I got an awesome email today…

We are happy to announce that the video/audio streaming from TSE 2007 will be available online the week of February 11th for you. You will have the opportunity to see/hear the TSE 2007 presentations you were not able to make at TSE 2007 due to all of the great sessions available per time period. We have captured the entire session length including any demos/live coding. Please look for the email from us next Monday, February 11th with the details about viewing the session content online.

I’m extremely excited about this. For two reasons:

  1. I didn’t get to finish my reviews of the sessions that I attended. Now that it has been several weeks since the conference, I don’t feel like my memory of them is good enough to do a fair review. Now I can do a refresh and write!
  2. There were several sessions that I wanted to attend that I couldn’t - now I get to attend…and write! Look forward to some more reviews from The Spring Experience 2007 in the coming weeks!