more connecting at javaone 2009

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I happened to catch Guillaume LaForge’s tweet this morning about a “Groovy lunch” at JavaOne today. After our JUG-USA meeting with James Gosling(blog entry on this one to come), I made my way over to the “cafeteria” and found Guillaume, James Williams (of the Griffon team), and John Smart in exactly the location that Guillaume specified. We were shortly joined by Grails in Action (a.k.a. San Gria) co-author Glen Smith. Topics ranged from things we can do better with Groovy/Grails testing, the differences between the Groovy and other dynamic/scripting language communities, Groovy’s victory in the ScriptBowl, and none other than the differences in public transportation between the southeastern US and the Bay Area. I had a great time guys and will see you at the BOF.

I also finally got the chance to meet Dick Wall of the Java Posse. Dick is just as great in person as he has sounded for the past couple of years on the podcast. Unfortunately our chat was ever so brief, focused around the language features Dick would like to see in future versions of Scala. We were quickly ushered over to the “presentation area” to participate in Josh Marinacci’s JavaFX Q&A. Was also good meeting him and seeing the cool new UI controls in FX.