I'm Just Publishing So I Won't Get Fined


NOTE: I thought about not re-publishing this one. It’s a throwaway essay intended to keep a daily writing streak alive. But it’s kinda funny…

In the spirit of Marshawn Lynch, I’m showing up because the Captain said I had to do this 30 days in a row.

Have I mentioned I’m moving right now? Moving sucks. Especially when you can’t put the rest of your life on hold and focus on just that.

Because it is all-consuming.

You find out at the 11th hour that the TV protector you bought on Amazon is worthless, because the movers won’t accept liability unless you use THEIR MORE EXPENSIVE COVER.

You find out that when you move from the west side of the county to the east side of the county, literally every utility provider is different.

And on that topic: am I the only person that doesn’t physically go to the power company to pay their bill? Because there were a lot of people there when I had to physically walk in to show my warranty deed. Ya know, so I can have electricity.

You find out that half of your stuff is too big for the small boxes and too heavy for the large boxes.

You find out that trying to write software with moving on the brain is generally like being stuck in quicksand.

But somehow I’ve managed to not break this publishing streak. Today was the day I circled as the riskiest day of this cohort. And today’s a big day: #20. And I’m not about to break the streak now.

So here I am. Publishing. Because it’s what I do.