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raiblee28099s wiki appfuseroadmap

Published by Matt Stine

Raible updated the AppFuseRoadmap yesterday. I’m really excited about where the project is going. XDoclet has been a good friend, but I’m really happy to see its demise in favor of annotations. JDK 5 and JSP 2.0 will also be really helpful - I’ve wanted to leverage these technologies for a long time, but haven’t had an easy way to do so. I think the most interesting thing for me will be the switch over to Maven 2.

seven simple reasons to use appfuse

Published by Matt Stine

I’ve wanted for some time now to write a blog entry promoting my favorite open source project - AppFuse. Since I started developing web applications using AppFuse as a base, I can truly say that I’ve rediscovered the joy of software development. I’ve found no other technology or methodology that has allowed me to place as much focus as I now do on solving business problems and not on technology ramp-up or figuring out the eccentricities of “framework X.

stiff asks matt answers

Published by Matt Stine

I found an interesting article this morning by way of Programming: Stiff asks, great programmers answer. The author posed 5 questions to some of the more well-known programmers of today, and their answers made for very interesting reading. Not to say that I’m a great programmer or anything, but I thought it might be a fun thought exercise to answer these questions myself. Here we go: How did you learn programming?