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it seems to be the year of the dynamicscripting language

Published by Matt Stine

It has been a whirlwind of a day. I’ve been to two keynotes (close to 5 hours of information there) and one technical session. Couple that information with what I heard at Java University yesterday, and you find many common themes. One that keeps coming up is the emerging trend of making other languages, particularly dynamic/scripting languages, first-class citizens on the JVM. According to Wikipedia, “Dynamic programming language is a term used broadly in computer science to describe a class of high level programming languages that execute at runtime many common behaviors that other languages might perform during compilation, if at all.

java university rapid web site development with groovy and grails

Published by Matt Stine

I’m currently sitting in this session - Graeme Rocher is the presenter. He is the creator of Grails, which is Groovy’s answer to the Ruby on Rails like development experience. He’s currently doing Q&A, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a short entry. So far this session is awesome! Graeme is a great presenter and has had the perfect balance of slides and live coding. Unfortunately they ran out of slides before I got to the presentation (more on the sometimes laughable logistics at JavaOne later), so I’m having trouble remember details to write about (they’ve promised to email me the slides).