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java university developing enterprise applications with the spring framework

Published by Matt Stine

This was the first session that I attended at Java University. You could take either a full-day course or two half-day courses - I elected to do the latter. Keith Donald, project lead for Spring WebFlow, presented. I have quite a bit of Spring experience already through AppFuse, but I was hoping to get a more complete view of Spring as most of what I have learned is from tinkering with existing systems.

java university rapid web site development with groovy and grails

Published by Matt Stine

I’m currently sitting in this session - Graeme Rocher is the presenter. He is the creator of Grails, which is Groovy’s answer to the Ruby on Rails like development experience. He’s currently doing Q&A, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a short entry. So far this session is awesome! Graeme is a great presenter and has had the perfect balance of slides and live coding. Unfortunately they ran out of slides before I got to the presentation (more on the sometimes laughable logistics at JavaOne later), so I’m having trouble remember details to write about (they’ve promised to email me the slides).