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how to implement form level validation in jsf

Published by Matt Stine

Recently I was faced with the challenge of implementing form-level (or page-level) validation in a JSF-based application. What I mean by form-level validation is the need to evaluate a subset of a form’s fields as a unit, rather than simply validating each field in isolation. An example of this type of validation can be found on a user registration form where one has to select a password in one text field, and then retype the same password in another text field for confirmation.

thursday was slow

Published by Matt Stine

for me, not for JavaOne. Of course I was a good little programmer and used the schedule builder to sign up for all of my sessions. I edited them a bit after the first two keynotes. Even then, I had one lone session scheduled for Thursday morning (that wasn’t really directly applicable to my work, it just looked interesting), and then two sessions in the afternoon, the first starting at 4:10.

wednesday was ajax day

Published by Matt Stine

Not officially, but nearly every session I attended had something to do with AJAX: Creating Amazing Web Interfaces with Ajax jMaki: Web 2.0 App Building Made Easy Fast, Beautiful, Easy: Pick Three - Building Web User Interfaces in the Java Programming Language with Google Web Toolkit Killer JavaScript Technology Frameworks for Java Platform Developers: An Exploration of Prototype,, and Rico I have to say that I was rather impressed by what I saw.