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What Is a Paved Path?

Published by Matt Stine

I’m going to explain to you the concept of a paved path to software delivery. A paved path will make your engineering job as easy as possible. It will complete every task that wastes your time and effort. It will keep you focused on delivering business value through technology solutions. Sound good? Excellent. Let’s dive in. It enables getting started with a clean architecture: It’s a lot easier to get started well than to get started poorly and fix it later.

The Highest Leverage Work You Can Do to Improve Your Enterprise Software Architecture

Published by Matt Stine

You’ve finally made it. You’ve been promoted to Enterprise Architect. For many, this is the pinnacle of their career. For most, they arrive in their new role with an existential question: What do I do? Nearly every organization that’s been around longer than FAANG companies is engaged in some form of software architecture modernization initiative. Over the course of my 21-year career, I’ve been privileged to work with dozens of them.