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The Three Principles That Guide Every Great Software Engineering Team

Published by Matt Stine

Great software engineering teams recognize the primacy of principles. A few decades ago, everyone wanted to visit Toyota. It had become the canonical example of a great manufacturing company. And Toyota invited everyone to visit, even its competitors. Why? Because Toyota knew that its competitors would do everything they could to duplicate its practices and tools, rather than understanding the principles of continuous learning and improvement. Toyota knew that by the time its competitors successfully duplicated its practices and tools, it would have learned and improved.

Two Things All Great Software Engineering Teams Share

Published by Matt Stine

What is a great software engineering team? It routinely delivers differentiated value to its customers. It can go fast forever. It can respond to changing market conditions and move in the right direction. It can deliver software that runs on day one and keeps running on day two. Teams like this have many common characteristics, but let’s focus on two: They recognize the primacy of principles. Stephen Covey once said, “there are three constants in life…change, choice, and principles.