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pomodoro the first iteration

Published by Matt Stine

I spent about an hour last night reading through Francesco Cirillo’s e-book The Pomodoro Technique. Up until this point I knew the basics of the technique, but I really wanted to drill down and get the details. I won’t explain those here - visit to get the lowdown. What I want to talk about is my experience applying the technique this morning. I managed to complete two Pomodoros. Each of the Pomodoros was filled with internal interruptions of various kinds.

havent had much time to blog lately

Published by Matt Stine

….because we’ve been packing to move on top of all of our regular projects. St. Jude has nicely renovated a new building for us, so we developers are moving. This is where I’m headed on Monday: I’m both loving it and a little sad - I’ve been sitting in my desk for nearly my entire career as a software developer. I just know I’m going to park in the garage and come downstairs one morning to find my office gone.