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I Feel Like Shit and I'm Hitting Publish Anyway...

Published by Matt Stine

All I want to do right now is go to bed. I’ve worked my ass off on some intense software architecture initiatives over the last two days. My teenagers had their first football games of the season on Friday night and Saturday morning, and at least one of them now has the flu. My sleep is off. And now I think I might be getting sick also. I committed to publishing Monday through Friday this cohort, and I’ve already missed two days in a row.

How I Turned a $200 Carrot Into a Writing Habit

Published by Matt Stine

It’s Day One of shipping an Atomic Essay every day for 30 consecutive days. Ship 30 for 30 gave us a recommended day one prompt, and I am here for it. So why are we going on this journey in the first place? I really needed a firm kick in the ass to get back into writing. I’ve published dozens of articles. I’ve even published a book! But it’s been a very long time since I described myself as a writer.