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Raible updated the AppFuseRoadmap yesterday. I’m really excited about where the project is going. XDoclet has been a good friend, but I’m really happy to see its demise in favor of annotations. JDK 5 and JSP 2.0 will also be really helpful - I’ve wanted to leverage these technologies for a long time, but haven’t had an easy way to do so. I think the most interesting thing for me will be the switch over to Maven 2. I have absolutely ZERO experience with Maven, other that seeing the pretty websites that it generates for many of my favorite open source projects. I consider myself to be something of an Ant wizard, so I hope that I’ll be able to leverage that experience in Maven.

It looks like TestNG replacing JUnit is a nice-to-have for 2.0 - I hope this becomes a configuration option. I don’t know anything about TestNG. Perhaps it’s time to learn. :-)

AppFuse 2.2 is where things are really going to start getting cool. Convention over configuration (ala RoR) will really speed development, and features by plugin will make my life really easier. I spend a lot of time stripping things out that I don’t need for particular projects - the time I save by using AppFuse is worth the pain of stripping them out - so this will be yet another way that AppFuse will make Java EE development a pleasure.